Here I am, as promised in my previous article ( with my review on MindNode Pro!

Last time I talked about the Lite version of the same program, which I use to memorise data I still have to learn while preparing an exam, usually just some days before taking it.

The Demo version allows us to create up to 30 nodes in the map, thereafter a note will appear, asking for the purchase of the program in the App Store.

I downloaded Pro version from in TRIAL version.

Now I’m going to report my expericence, dividing my observations in PROS and CONS.


  • arrows to link different branches;MindNode Pro Demo collegamento
  • new branches set up in space in a more rational way than in the Lite version; more, when we create sub-branches, these move automatically to integrate themselves in the space, without obstaculating the others, and avoiding the overlapping of the text of the branches (which is a characteristic of the Lite version). This saves us time that is usually lost tidying all the branches;
  • share with other devices. I don’t know if I should put it into PROS, as I couldn’t try it personally, because the demo version is available for Mac, but not for iPhone (it costs 8,99€). It could be useful, even if I wouldn’t use it, given the way I use the program;
  • a useful control is, I think, “copy mind map as an image”;
  • MindNode Pro Demo salvataggio immagine
  • you can temporarily fold the branches, with “fold/unfold” control, which can be useful during the building phase of the map, as it allows us to work without unused branches in sight;
  • it is possible then to switch from one main node to the next, with “Center Main Nodes” – “Previous Main Node” – “Next Main Node” controls, even if, in my opinion, it is not a so fundamental capacity, but in very complex schemes can actually be useful. For example, after summing up a text of several chapters – given a main node for each chapter – switching from one to another is easy.


  • in the full view it is not yet possible to anchor toolbars, as in the Lite version;
  • in both the views, the toolbars overlap the working space, being very unhandy
  •  MindNode Pro Demo finestre strumenti (here I used all the toolbars available, but it’s just to have an idea);
  • as a mind map, neither Pro version satisfies me, because there is not any mean to identify the relationships between branches, even if linking arrows are available. In my opinion, if you could label the arrows, they would be more useful (ex. “this causes”, “this comes from” etc.)

In the end: as it costs 17,99€, I wouldn’t recommend it, since even the Lite version can perform the fundamental functions without costing a buck.

As already said, if you try to create a mind map, with cause-effect relationships, nor this nor Lite version are the most appropriate programs. As I said in the previous article, I use it to memorise data that don’t require any such relationship, but for data and concepts to be learnt by heart.

Do you use MindNode or any similar program? How do you find them? Do you find them useful?